Structural Engneering

structural Engneering

Planning, Designing & Engineering consultancy services

Areas of consultancy at present :

  1. Industrial buildings.
  2. Surveying & Building surveying.
  3. Project management.
  4. Water.
  5. Inspection, testing & certifications.
  6. Chartered Engineer certification under EPCG scheme. (Govt. of India)
  7. Structural audits required by the authorities.

Our Policy of engineering consultancy services

Planning and Design


  1. Discussing the requirement of the proposed project and accumulating data for various systems.
  2. preparation of general plan.
  3. discussing the general plan and preparing final preliminary plans for the proposal.
  4. assessing clean room and ventilation requirement and bench marking standards for system design. Arriving at zoning plan for layout.


  1. heat load and electrical load calculations Assessment of actual demand, possible maximum.
  2. demand for rating of transformers, substation and DG set requirement if any.
  3. detailed engineering of ventilation and electrical systems like ducting layout, filtration systems power distribution panel and DB layout etc.
  4. Layout drawings for lighting, fall ceiling, communication, Lightning protection, fire detection, ecurity system, Landscaping etc.
  5. preparing detailed working drawings of plans, sections, elevations, windows, doors and other items. Preparing drainage designing and drawing, storm water drainage designing and drawing and all other details required for the tender and execution of work.
  6. preparing detailed specifications of the various items in the work.


  1. Preparing structural design and RCC drawings and technical specifications based on loading pattern and details given by the client.
  2. working out and preparing bill of quantities and schedule of quantities foe tender and estimate.
  3. Preparing approximate estimate of the work.
  4. Preparing detailed submission drawings showing plans, Elevations, sections etc. and submitting the proposal to Authority and arranging to get approval from MIDC.


  1. Preparing tender documents for the work & arranging to get offers from reputed contractors.
  2. Scrutinize bids and hold technical discussions with contractors and vendors to bring all bids on par prepare competitive statement of the final offers received for selection of contractor.
  3. assist the clients in negotiations with contractors/vendors.
  4. preparing contract document for the work between contractor and the owner.


  1. issuing required sets of working drawings and details for the execution of work.
  2. generation of progress reports, quality statements,bar charts etc. to assess contractors work in terms of quality and quantity.
  3. verification of quality and quantity of incoming material and record keeping. Verifying requirement of materials to be supplied by the clients.
  4. co-ordiantion with third party inspection agencies if required recomissining checks of all components and sub-components of the system.Trials, validation as per detail engineering specifications as initially laid out.
  5. preparation of commissioning reports prior to release of payments. Co-ordination to ensure retention money against guarantees are properly tied up.
  6. periodical site visits by designing team for inspection of work and giving instructions and minutes of meeting.
  7. check and approve makes of equipments and quality of materials brought to site shop testing of transformers, panels, bowers, compressors etc. if any.
  8. supplying further working details of constructions during the execution of work.
  9. witnessing commissioning tests and commissioning of systems of our scope jointly checking bills submitted by contractors and issuing certificated for payments to contractors.
  10. certifying the completion of work and arrange to obtain completion certificate from MIDC.