Valuation Services

We do valuation for

    1. For Taxations requirements
    2. Income Tax :

We do : valuation to declare cost of construction, improvement of new house or building for income tax.

    1. Capital Gains Tax :

We do : valuation of the property as on year 1981,for capital gains tax.

    1. Wealth & Gift Tax :

We do : valuation for the properties for wealth tax & gift tax.

  1. Techno economic viability (TEV) study consultants
  2. Intellectual property valuation

Section 269 UC (form 371) of Income Tax Act :

We do : valuations when there is transfer of properties by way of sales, inheritance, acquisition, gift etc. which is required under Section 269 UC (form 371) of Income Tax Act.

Royalty Fixation

We do : Valuation of property is necessary to fix the royalty.

Land Acquisition :

We do : Valuations for land acquisitions.

For Visa requirements :

We do : valuation of properties for the purpose of Visa, required by foreign countries.

For companies requirements :

Public Issues :

We do : valuations of the properties of companies which are going to launch shares (public issue).The valuation is must as per SEBI.

Change in constitution of company :

We do : valuations when there is a change in constitution of company or any change (retirement or new entry) in board of Directors or change of partners of the company.

Joint Ventures :

We do : valuations of properties when Indian & foreign company decide to go for joint venture.

Takeovers, Amalgamation and Mergers of companies :

We do : valuations one compny takeover other company or one company merge into other company.

Mutual Funds :

We do : valuation for realty mutual funds also.

For other purposes :

We do : valuations for rent fixations, will or probate, insurance & divorce proceedings

For Banks requirements :

We do : Valuations for or mortgages, collateral security & bank guarantee and solvency certificates.

Chartered Engineer certifications :

Chartered engineer certifications for various purposes.